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The PMGC Native Area Plan

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The PMGC garden group achieved a significant milestone event on Monday 13th December 2021. Forty Callistemon plants were planted at the bottom on the smaller practice area. The significance of this event was that the plants were all grown from seed in the Ann Haig nursery.
The Ann Haig nursery is an initiative of the garden group, and it was formed primarily so that the Native Area Plan (NAP) can be exercised at PMGC. The NAP is a program driven by our Course Superintendent Pat Wilson and it is based upon the principle of growing and then planting Australian native plants on the PMGC course.
There are many members who are involved in the program. A special mention is made of Drew Done and Ian Bradley. Both members possess enormous plant knowledge and expertise. Their skills are constantly called upon and used to great effect. However, the program would not have reached the level that it has without the support and encouragement of the lady members who support the Garden Group. Ann Haig, who is a corner stone of the group and whose name is proudly displayed on the nursery where the plants are grown.
The group is already planning for 2022 where many more plants will be given their chance to grow and flourish in the wonderful Pambula Merimbula Golf course. The Garden Group would welcome any members who would like to assist with the NAP program.