Pambula Merimbula Golf Club experience above the rest

Nine and Dine Stableford Medley Sunday 5th May

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Winners:      Ruth Laird    (19)                    Paul Welsford  (17)

Second:        Chris McMullen                      Wayne  Flaherty

Third:           Liz McErlain                             Paul  Considine

NTP:             Anne Lavender                         Peter Lavender

BALL POOL: Ladies: Sue Donnelly,(13) Marg Gaunson,(12) Glenda Graham (12), Janey Morrison (11)

Men: Tony Freeman (15), Bruce Gaunson (15), Ian Macartney (15) Austin Edwards (12)

Thanks to Will, Po Loy, Flora McKitchen, Allen Keys,and Robyn Banks for your support.