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Ladies Stroke – 3rd Round Championship, October Monthly Medal, Medal of Medalist – Tuesday 9 October 2018

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Trophy Donor: Koko Maia

Daily Winner: Judy Collins 71 (30)

Judy Collins, Jo Hunt, Karen from Koko Maia and Glenda Arnold

A Grade Winner: Glenda Arnold 73 (16), Runner-Up: Anne Pointon 74 (11)

B Grade Winner: Jo Hunt 73 (23), Runner-Up:  Heather Dennis 75 (26)

C Grade Winner: Judy Collins 71 (30), Runner-Up: Lola Smith 77 (28)


October Monthly Medalist (playoff)

Winner: Robyn Davis 77 (24)

Robyn Davis


Medal of Medalist: Anne Pointon

Trophy Donor: Kennedy & Cooke

Putter of Putters: Anne Pointon

Trophy Donor: Jill Ricardo

Nearest Pin: Hole 4: Maureen McArdle 126cm, Hole 6: Kate Walker 701cm (Sails Real Estate Golden Shot $94) Hole 22: Carlene Ramsey 524cm (Splash and Dash), Hole 27: Cheryl Ramsey 2nd Shot 56cm (Shutters and Blinds)

Ball Comp: to 79 (16 Winners)

52 starters played off GA 1-9/19-27