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2015 Members Golf Survey

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Summary of Golf Survey Responses

99 Surveys were returned. It should be noted that not all respondents filled in all areas of the Survey. Hence, the number of responses for each category will vary. Some made multiple selections in the same category. Percentages used are approximate.

How long should a round of golf take? 99 responses
Qualifying Comments: Some people selected a couple of options depending on the type of event being played, the course being played, whether people were using carts or walking, and the grade of the player. eg. A Graders will play faster than C & D graders
• Less than 10% thought a round should be concluded in 3h 45 min. Of these respondents, it appeared most of them were cart users.
• Almost 50% thought that 4 hours was acceptable for Stableford, Par and Stroke
• 33% thought that 4h 15m was acceptable. Some thought that this was normal for par and stableford but that Stroke could take longer. Others though this was the maximum time it should take for stroke.
• Only 8% thought that 4h 30m was acceptable for a round of golf, the majority highlighted that this is the maximum it should take for a stroke round.

What, if any, changes should be made to the current program? 98 responses
• 35% thought that the program was OK as it is, but some also ticked other categories.
• 21% wanted more team events. Events such as Ambrose, Irish 4 ball, American Foursomes, Canadian Foursomes were mentioned. Some thought we should try those on a Wednesday.
• 19% wanted more Stableford events.
• 18% wanted more stroke events
• Only 5% indicated a preference for more Par events

Sunday Golf 46 Responses
Comment: A number of people did not fill out this category. Some gave the reason that they do not play Sunday golf. A number of people who have never played Sunday golf gave the answer that it was “OK as it is”. Some who have never played Sundays said that it needed changing. What was evident was that those who are “avid” Sunday golfers were very protective of the current Mixed Fourball format.
• 50% of those who responded said Sunday Golf was OK.
• 50% of those who responded said Sunday Golf was not OK.
• Approximately 75% of respondents wanted some individual Medley events on Sundays.
• The issue of the absence of scones, jam and cream was mentioned by a number of respondents as something that would bring people back to Sunday golf.

How can we spice up presentations to get more people to attend?
Do presentations at a regular time 16
Move presentation Area 6
Encourage players to stay with a Teaser of ½ priced drinks 19
Have only Presentations on Medal Day with happy hour BBQ 23

Please refer to the comments on presentations in the Survey report. Whilst many were in favour of ½ priced drinks, others thought that they would still leave after one drink and the club would be “out of pocket”

Would you like a Shotgun start twice a year at 8am and 12.15pm? 71 Responses

• Approximately 60% said they would like a shotgun start. Some mentioned that they would like 4-6 per year and thought it would have a positive effect on bar sales and morale in the club if everyone finished at the same time.
• Approximately 40% do not want shotgun starts.

Observation: Many of those respondents who do not want shotgun starts appear to play at the same time every week. It may not be the concept they have a problem with, but rather being told they can’t tee off at the usual time.

Should Matchplay events be conducted regardless of entry numbers? 65 Responses

• 66% of respondents thought that the club Matchplay events should go ahead regardless of the number of entries.
• 33% did not agree.

When or if money is available, what improvements would you like to see on the course?

There was an overwhelming number of responses to this question. The majority of comments were around:
• Levelling of tee. The 6th tee was one that many people particularly mentioned as needing work
• Members want steps to the 6th tee put in as a safety measure.
• Refurbishment of the bunkers (that haven’t been done) including all fairway bunkers and practice bunker.
• Removal of exposed tree roots on fairways and in areas close to fairways received a number of mentions as being work that should be done.
• The majority of people who store carts that responded to the survey mentioned:
– Upgrading of the access road to the machinery and cart sheds
– Upgrading of the car parking around the cart sheds
– Upgrading of the access area from the cart sheds to the practice fairway between the 7th and 8th fairways
– Drainage to the electric cart shed needs to be looked at.

Refer to the comments in the report for other suggestions but the ones mentioned above received the most comments.

Any suggestions to improve Pat Wilson or Glenn Warne’s services?

There were too many comments to mention in the report but the consensus was around the need for the club to fully support both Pat and Glenn, particularly in the area of wages, conditions and budget. There was no negative feedback. Most comments were around:
• The need to continually increase the Course Budget so that Pat can improve the course, not just maintain it.
• Make sure that the club properly remunerates both employees.
• Make sure that the club does everything to retain the services of both employees
• The need for a larger refurbished pro shop as the current one reflects badly on the club

Many members made comments of a general nature around ideas they had to enhance the golfing experience at our club. Refer to the final page of the report “Comments around Golf and or the club”.

Survey Details are included in this attachment – 2015 Golf Survey Responses Details